Install content on a Deluge SD card

  1. Search for kits, songs or synth patches
  2. Once you've found some you like, click button
  3. The downloaded .zip file contains everything that is needed to install it on a Deluge SD card. Copy it on SD card root and unzip it. On macOS and with some tools the archive gets extracted in a new directory with the same file name. In such cases move the directory content up one folder and remove the new (now empty) directory to clean things out.

Download a full Deluge repository

  1. While browsing Deluge content select a repository (by clicking on the second synth or kit subtitle). You're now viewing the content from a specific repository
  2. Click the repository name on the title. You're redirected to the repository's GitHub page
  3. Click the Code menu and choose the Download ZIP action

Index a new Deluge repository

Sharing new kits, songs and synth patches requires publishing them on GitHub as a repository and adding it to Delugist. Once you've added a GitHub repository you can keep adding Deluge resources to it, and these will be automatically indexed in Delugist. To setup a new GitHub repository for sharing Deluge content see specific instructions.